Short Mat
Bowls Club

Triple Competition 2017

"The Plate competition gets underway"

Finalists of the Triple Plate comp

Martin presents that Yorkies with their Cup

The "Dwarfs" put up a strong fight coming runners up in the Cup

Runners up in the Triples Cup comp



Winners of the Club's first Triples comp

"Ladies to the buffet please"

A happy crowd of bowlers

30 members took part in the Club's first Triples Competition held on Monday 4th December 2017.

The winning team was The Yorkies -
Peter Dalton, Geoff Hewison and Sandra Belstan, playing against the Dwarfs - Karen Hawkins, Jennifer Brayshaw and John Arnold.

The Plate Competition winners were Brian Croxford, Marcel Hauvespre and Trish Keal.